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We are immensely proud to support local creatives from Plymouth and the surrounding area. May we present a list of talented individuals and businesses that you may find of some help. We are honoured to have so many artistic and passionate people in our City.....

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Please Support Local if you can. Thank you from us and them :-) 

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Greetings, we are David and Diana, the illustrators behind Mahya House.

Our adventure began when we met and fell in love while on our joint illustration course in Plymouth UK. We graduated together in 2012, got married in 2016, and bought our first home in 2019 where we live with our furry cat baby, Tilly.

Mahya House is our way of giving back to the world through the creative gifts we were given. We hope to serve you in the best way we know how, by putting our hearts and souls into our designs and making each one special.

Thank you for stopping by. May your day be full of blessings.


Hey I'm Gabe, an illustrator and artist based in Plymouth. My work takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, femininity and the power of expressing emotion. I work predominantly with traditional mediums, especially watercolour, but have knowledge in different printmaking techniques, book binding and digital software such as Photoshop and InDesign to contextualise and finalise my traditional work.

Alongside this I run an online Etsy shop, SorryItsGabe , where I sell prints, stickers and other handmade products such as pins and zines, all of which feature my work.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it!

A group for people who want to get out in the community and put art on all the unloved and neglected spaces that are becoming more commonplace in our city.

We love the idea of people being able to show off their artistic skills and we are always seeking spaces for this to happen.

Please contact the group if you need support in this area or want to volunteer, click on the heading or image. 

I am a practice-led artist and researcher.
My studio looks out over the Dartmoor landscape, so I am immersed in the countryside. I have exhibited and sold in solo and group exhibitions in London, Santander and the South West.

I have an MA in Art History and this informs my practice in many ways, not least, the perspective that the history of art is far from a linear, chronological and progressive development through time, but rather a highly complex web of non-chronological and global interconnections.
My dissertation for the Art History course focussed on the artwork that Alberto Giacometti developed, during his affiliation with the Surrealist Movement.
I am a professional and experienced art teacher and passionate about helping people of all ages to develop their unique artist voice in workshops and art group sessions. So, it is pleasing to hear people, in my classes, say that my enthusiasm inspires them.

Last year (2020), I completed an MA in Printmaking at Plymouth College of Art. The course helped me to refine my art practice research methodology by weaving exploratory material processes with theoretical reading. My Blog posts illustrate this methodology.
I am a member of CAMP, a Plymouth artist led group and the a.n National artist network.

Sarah Flannery - c4cpetportraits

My name is Sarah Flannery and I am a self employed artist based in North Devon. 

From a young age I was particularly passionate about two things, animals and art. My love of art flourished further after studying art and design at college and specialising in fine art. 

I am now lucky enough to sell my work all over the world. I regularly do commissions (often but not limited to pets) and also occasionally paint portraits of people, wildlife, fantasy art and the odd seascape.

I work in a range of mediums creating different styles from traditional oils on canvas to contemporary acrylics and watercolours. 

If you would like to check out some of my work please feel free to visit my facebook artist page

Gemma Carter

I am a Plymouth watercolour artist specialising in ocean and wildlife art. I support conservation charities through my work, raising funds and awareness for endangered species. 

Prints and originals of my work can be found in Greenspace on Mutley Plain and on my website 

Victoria - Time & Tide Aerial

Starting my aerial photography journey discovering the lush beaches that New Zealand has to offer, I soon fell in love with the incredible photographs you can capture using DJI Drones. I am now back in Plymouth capturing beaches in Devon and Cornwall, a little closer to home. I am a self-taught drone artist specialising in abstract seascapes which I feature in my prints and sustainable clothing collection. I love doing commissions for places that hold a lot of meaning to people so please get in touch if you have a location in mind. 

Evelyn Marsh

My name is Evelyn and I am a pet portrait artist based in Devon. I started offering commissions of pets in lockdown where my love for drawing was rekindled. In September i am going to Plymouth University to study illustration and I am keen to carry on my commissions alongside my studies. 

I have an instagram and facebook called Artistrybyevie

Laura Barkle - South West Resins

South West Resins and it was established in 2018. I make delicate resin jewellery with pressed flowers and leaves, and I’m always happy to discuss commissions with customers if there is a specific flower, plant or shape that they desire.

Louise Rabey

My name is Louise, I am an illustrator based in Plymouth. I work primarily with Children's book style illustration, however open to various opportunities. I recently graduated from MA Illustration with Falmouth University and through that I have taken a more authorial approach to my work and currently working on writing and illustrating my own comic book.

Charlotte Inglis

I have a small ‘hobby business’ creating slate designs. House numbers, pictures, quotes, garden signs and more. 

I do craft fairs but most of my work is commissions. 
I go by the name Cornwall Creates Slates. All the slate is rustic Cornish slate off cottages, mainly. I started when I found lots of slate in my parents new back garden, when they moved from Plymouth to Cornwall. The slate had come off the cottage 5 years earlier when it had been re-roofed. 

Amy Beale

I've always lived locally in Plymouth and love to create digital paintings with a goal of one day becoming a freelance artist, my main focus is drawing people (woman are my preference but I can do both haha). I offer commissions, usually working on people's custom characters (OCs), fanarts of anime or game characters, or simply portraits of people. I like to aim to make my work more fantasy based with a semi realistic style.

Heather Knight Art

Hello, I am Heather, an artist and educator. I grew up on the Cornish moors and am now located in Devon. I am inspired by the beautiful and wild moors, woods and coast of Devon and Cornwall. I work with both acrylics and oil paint to capture the feeling and movement of the landscapes. I also paint portraits, pets, flowers, still life paintings and more to enhance homes, organisations and communities.  I have an interest in social justice art and I am a big believer that art can bring people together and transform communities. I work with local community organisations Cliik and Plymouth Artists Together to create outdoor art to enhance the local neighbourhood. I offers a range of paintings to suit diverse environments and individual tastes, from original paintings to community art projects, murals, commissions, quality prints and cards.

Rachel Card

I am an artist based in Plymouth Devon specialising in highly detailed coloured pencil drawings of British Wildlife as well as offering Pet Portraiture. I have been working as a professional artist for 7 years and have produced illustrative work for a range of companies and private clients.

Products, prints and original work are available here on my website:

Blue Illustrates

“Hiya i’m Blue, i’m a Plymouth based artist, illustrator and muralist and I’m in my third year of an illustration degree at AUP. 

Most of my work is bright, bold and simple and normally features some kind of botanical element but i’m always keen for new projects/ ideas!”

Tatum Croft

My name is Tatum Croft and i am an illustrator born and raised in Plymouth! I currently illustrate children’s books but also do a range of other work including custom portraits and commissions. 

Nomi Rana

My name is Nomi Rana, I have been an artist for over 25 years. My style consists of comics, superheroes, anime, manga, fantasy and a little touch of goth. 

I have a HND in visual communications, I had great intentions on becoming and animator, however along the way I fell in love with Illustration and comics. 

I have presented a small selection of my artwork, I do hope you will enjoy them. Any feedback is great appreciated via my email address: [email protected] 

I have all of my work displayed on Instagram: nomiranaart 

Please do have a look. 

I am open for commissions and sketches and all art of for is sale. Thank you. 

Madison Wright

Hi, I'm Madison Wright. 

I'm an artist based in Plymouth, in her second year of illustration with the University Of Plymouth. :)

I mostly like to paint traditionally, with watercolours and inks. My work can be expressive and colourful, with lots of pretty swirls and movement.

What inspires me the most is the beauty and wonders of the natural world, animals are my favourite source of inspiration. 

I have been commissioned for traditional watercolour paintings and sometimes a mural when I'm feeling up for a challenge! 

Please find me on Instagram at @m.eveillustration, or email me at [email protected] with any questions.